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If you have already enrolled your child and been accepted, you may download the registration packet on this page.

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Tuition free back to basics education!

Registration Packet

Hózhó Academy will be opening with Kindergarten to 5th Grade in August of 2018 (and then one additional grade per year after that). Open enrollment is closed. We are now accepting applications on a space-available basis.

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.”


“All men by nature desire knowledge.”


A Classical Approach

Hozho Academy is a tuition free New Mexico Charter School that develops students in mind and character through a classical, content-rich curriculum that emphasizes the principles of virtuous living, traditional learning, and civic responsibility.

  • Virtuous Living – We raise our students in the core virtues of Compassion, Perserverance, Courage, Respect, Responsibility, Diligence, Temperance, and Integrity.

  • Traditional Learning– Our curriculum is based in Riggs PhonicsSingapore Math, and the Core Knowledge Sequence. Our program of study includes teaching rich content as well as the skills students need to become life-long learners.

  • Civic Virtue– Our Students learn not only to excel in academics, but to excel in their communities and act for the Common Good of all.

  • Data Driven Results – Research has shown that students who experience a broad based curriculum versus one narrowed to merely reading and math skills perform better academically and are typically more successful students.

Hozho Academy is committed to the tradition of a Classical education. We are committed to a rigorous program that will develop students who are educated in all of the liberal arts and sciences as well as in moral character and civic virtue. Our goal is to provide the best education possible which will permit a full understanding of all students’ cultures in the four corners area.

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Hózhó Academy is very proud of its commitment to quality education and welcomes the personal interest and desire of community members to help in its efforts. We value family and community engagement in school activities and believe that community involvement and buy-in has a positive impact on a child’s education. Please contact us for more information!

Please use the form below to contact us with any questions you may have.