Arete Wellness Program Manual

     Upon successful completion of the Physical Education program in Hozho Academy, students will be physically literate and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Students will appreciate everyone around them and the relationship built as a result of the program. Students will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness. Students will embody and practice the core virtues of Hozho Academy within their families and community.
     Our primary purpose is to graduate successful life -long learners who are leaders in the global community. Hozho students in collaboration with their teachers, parents, and the community, will develop as motivated, self-reliant, creative and ethical individuals who respect differences in others. The Physical Education curriculum can provide a means of fulfilling the needs that our challenging society has created. The curriculum offers students a variety of opportunities to gain knowledge and proficiency in the foundational skills and activities needed for wellness which encompasses, physical, social, environmental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual components.

Arete Warm-Up Routine