Notice – 8.13.23

Drop off and pick up lanes tomorrow will be different than last year due to the addition of buses. Staff will be present to direct traffic but please be patient as we work to improve the process. If you have signed up for transportation, even just occasional transportation, YOUR CHILD WILL BE DIRECTED TO BOARD A BUS TOMORROW AFTERNOON.  If you only want occasional service and do not want the bus to take your child home tomorrow after school, you must call the transportation office (505)458-4923 or the front office 505-722-8922 no later than 2 pm. All students in 5th grade and younger MUST be met by a parent or by an individual whose name has been communicated to the transportation department – unless a waiver has been signed. If no parent or pre-determined designee is at the stop, the bus driver will keep the student on the bus and will go to the next stop and plan to bring your child back to the school for pickup there. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support as we begin our new school year together!